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Republic day

(Program for Kashmiri People)

26th January – the Republic day of Union of India.  On this day, we, the People of India resolved ourselves for Justice, Liberty and equality and fraternity.  In our solemn pledge, we say that all Indians are our brothers and sisters.  However, in reality, do we behave with people of our brother states as brothers and sisters?  There are nearly 600 – 700 people from Kashmir who have fled away from their villages and have rushed to Mumbai due to heavy snowfall. There is no a trace of their houses in their villages as their houses and all their belongings are deep down in the Earth and covered by snowfall. They come for shelter in Mumbai at Bandra East station near the railway tracks.On 26th January, they are invited for a feast at the venue. The Kashmiri express their love by preparing Kahwa tea for all.  At the same time Kashmiri Pandits, who came from Kashmir years ago and are staying in Mumbai are also invited.

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