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World Post Day

acknowledges their incessant work for all
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Misty Slopes

The post is our blood vein. Our marriages, births, job appointments and pay cheques all flow through this vein. Hence it is coloured red. But have we loved them? Have we splashed affinity on them anytime – those angels who worked incessantly to keep this blood moving without any ‘clot’? We only see the Postmen, but the Postmen are the tip of the ice berg; beneath them are thousands and thousands of men, women, carriers, sorters and all those. Though they are behind bars – literally caged – we cannot speak with them nor can they speak with us, though we are of the same flesh. They stay behind the bars and without friends for the major part of the day. They have to be, otherwise there cannot be any order in our life.

At least on 9th October – the International Post day, Anam Prem acknowledges their incessant work for all of us and expresses gratitude and Love for them by visiting a nearby post office and offering a shawl to the Superintendent-in-charge/ Post Master and a flower and a toffee to the men and women each, who work there, with all love and fraternity. Anam Prem believes only in sprinkling love and not in speeches and talks, but only a smile.

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