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International Women’s Day

UNESCO has declared 8th March as the International Women’s Day.  Across the world,this day is celebrated in different ways. While women are getting very advanced & modern in today’s world, there is other extreme where the women are oppressed, neglected, discriminated & fall prey to atrocities. For last few years, Anam Prem invites women from various strata’s of society like the oppressed women, “Devdasis”, destitute women, midwives, physically handicapped women as well as women who have attained great heights in various fields & are emerging as empowering force for all. In India, after marriage women leave their maiden names, house and relations in order to become part of an entirely new family. While adjusting with this family, their heart longs/craves for the love & affection at their maiden house.  Anam Prem invites these sisters & mothers for a couple of days & try to give them all the respect, love & joy.  There is no boundary, no measure, no ritual or tradition for these two days but only love, joy & happiness. As per the chapter 51 A of Indian constitution, it is duty of every citizen to: renounce practices derogatory to the dignity of women. However, we should now think beyond this & instead of the word “Dignity”, we should use the word “Divinity”. Women are naturally gifted with inner strength, tolerance & creation and nurture to the future generations. Hence all should respect the women & the women also should maintain the sanctity of their “being a Woman”!

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maintain the sanctity of their “being a Woman”
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