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Shaheed Din / Abhimanyu Din

Programme for the Martyr’s families

The purpose of this event is to comfort with love the wives, mothers and near relations of those Defence - men who embraced Death on the battlefield of our borders. Are they dead to be mourned? No, they are forever alive in our hearts. Dead are those who are revelling in Red-lights, Red-colours and Red-tapes, while the heroes are bathing the war area with red blood. Those who are injured in anti-insurgency operations are also called to celebrate this Ganesh Chaturthi in an exalted way with us. It is said that Lord Ganesh likes Red Colour.  The colour of the blood is red.  Hence, while celebrating the Shahid din during Ganesh Chaturthi days, Anam Premis worship our soldiers, their wives, children, family members with the blood by applying their own “Rakt Tilak” on their foreheads.  Further, if any of the limbs of the idol of Lord Ganesh or any other Diety is broken, it is believed to be sacrilegious, but when we see the living divine human being a soldier’s limb is broken, we don’t feel anything at all.  For all this purposes, Anam Prem celebrates Shahid din.

honoring wounded soldier
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