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Gratitude for our City Police and Traffic Police 

The most looked down upon profession these days is that of a Police. We may accuse them of corruption or anything, but ultimately they are human beings. Don’t we err?

Love is the only solution. When  you know someone loves you unconditionally, you don’t behave in improper manner which will hurt him. When our police friends will know that we love them, eventually they will reciprocate and realize the worth of this love. All we need is to have a big heart to accommodate all – those who err and those who don’t.

During Diwali, when we are cherishing sweets with our families at home, the city police and the traffic police are on their duties. In heat, rain or cold, they have to perform their duties. Hence on the two days of diwali we visit all police stations ( 83 police stations) in Mumbai and traffic police chowkies and celebrate diwali with them.

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