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World Day for Laboratory Animals

Crores of animals and mute beings are mutilated and dissected daily all over the world to keep our human race alive and healthy. This is absolutely wrong and the Lord of All Lords i.e. The Creator of the Universe does not approve it. Know this that in this eternal travel of life, persecuting the innocents is not at all a good journey. The International Association Against Painful Experiments on Animals has declared April 24th as World Day for Laboratory Animals after consultations with the United Nations. Experts from People for Ethical Treatment of Animals – PETA are invited to give a demonstration with slides and shows. There is no difference in  what these Scientists are doing and what the Terrorists are doing. Both of them are cruel and are on the spree of killing innocents for the ‘benefit of the human race’! Introspect now and think of your future eternal journey.

No killing of animals in laboratory
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