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visiting Parsi Home for aged or below poverty line Parsi Families

Our Parsi brothers have contributed to a very large extent for our India.  Many hospitals, colleges, schools in Mumbai and Pune are examples of their contribution to the Society.  Even in pre-independence era, under British Rule, Jamshedji Tata, Homi Bhabha  have achieved the great place.  We are aware that by celebrating Pateti for one day, we cannot imbibe the teachings of Zoroastrian.  We believe that celebrating Pateti is the way to express our gratitude for contribution of Parsi Community to the humanity.  We carry very high respect for our Parsi brothers who have stilled honoured their word of non conversion of non parsi into parsi religion.  Hence, Anam premis visit Parsi Home for aged or below poverty line Parsi Families, sprinkle love upon them with sweets, cards.

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