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Earth Day

John McConnell is the Founder of  Earth Day proclaimed by UNESCO. His interest in religion, science, and peace has resulted in a number of projects and personal efforts to relieve human suffering and promote the common good. During World War ll, Mr. McConnell took the position that prayer and love could be more powerful than bombs, and we believe the same.

The Earth has been our origination and our basis, but we have never expressed gratitude towards it, and so on earth day we distribute pamphlets at all places urging people to bow down to mother earth atleast on this day and spend some moments of serene joy and unconditional love towards her. The Earth is a good conductor and it will carry our message of harmony to our friends around the globe.

The Mother Earth has a Soul and you can only appeal to Her, not by building and constructing Temples, Churches (The soil and stones of the  Prayer Houses and Jails and Brothels  are from our Mother’s womb.) but by falling  flat on Her lap, surrendering to Her.  Science tells us that The Earth is a good conductor. She will transmit all our love to all Her sons and daughters in Her udders. On this day, we  lie prostrate with our head, eyes, down on Her lap with hands clasping Her, touching the tip of the nose at least on Her wide chest (soil) and thank her for all the care she is taking  of us.

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thanking her for all the care, she is taking
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