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Program for

Kashmiri people

Gandhi Nirvaan Day

Celebrating mother languages

Celebrating the power of Women

Promoting social awareness in society about sparrows

For and by Mother Earth's children

A Day for the Weather Men​

A Day for the Cancer Patients 

A Week of Love for all of the animals 

A Day against    Animals in Laboratory

Saagar Safar - An experience for those away from coast

Vasudaiva Kutumbakam - The World is our Family  

A Day with Our Culture and History Keepers

A Day for our Oceans and Seas​


Museum Day

A Day for all Fathers 

A Day for Divorced Parents 

and their Children

Embrace our Muslim Brothers after their Namaz 

A Day for Parsi old age Homes and visit to aged Parsi families

Universal Brotherhood beyond the Blood Relations

A Day of Gratitude for the Postmen

Sharbat serving on the occasion of Muharram 

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