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About Us


Anam Prem is a Universal Order which was incorporated in every scripture of mankind. This Order was created at the time of the creation of the Universe. As per this Order, sprinkling love on the fellow souls is the only way of enlightened living. In today’s times, this Order is slowly moving towards oblivion. Many religions were founded from time to time, but we found there was no internal illumination in the man. Hence, along with the founding of the religions, ego, a sense of superiority and also prejudices emerged. With that, everyone’s mind lost equilibrium and hence the external world, today, is infested with all kinds of bad and scrupulous elements. We were illumined by the Lord of all Lords that wealth and power are mirages and that will never give satisfaction to anybody. The world is getting filled with hatred and desires of ill will towards others. To counter this, there is a need to spread a selfless and pure form of love in our society. This is what Anam Prem is trying to achieve through various initiatives.


 Why Anam Prem? 

Anam Prem means ‘Nameless Love’. Love cannot be named. But since a name had to be decided, we named it as Love by Name ‘A. ‘A’ is the starting point of all religions. ‘A’ is Allah, A is Om, A is Akal, etc. In fact, every language in the world starts from the word ‘A’ and the world literature has ‘A’ in it like the oxygen in the worldly air. Hence, it can be termed as nameless or by name ‘A’.


"We have no head office. We ask for no registrations. We require no donations. Our head office resides in your heart itself."

What do we do? 

We Anam Premis sprinkle love everywhere anytime. This love comes to us from our Guru, the Lord of All Lords. We say that the love is in yourself and everybody’s heart and it should be activated by surrendering to the Lord of All Lords. The Lord of All Lords then takes care of your every moment – in everyday expenses, in meals and dinners, even employment and education and all that because we believe that we are sent of this Earth with a program by the Lord of All Lords. You have to surrender yourself to Him and that Mighty Power navigates you and hence, we indulge in every activity where love for the soul is splashed. You can check all our programs here.

"Anam Prem is meant for going to a higher spiritual plane in life."

What we believe in? 

Anam Prem believes that the life of a man is not confined to hundred years only. It co - exists with the Universe and the life on this Earth is an infinitesimally small part of this life. One has to make one’s life divine while on Earth and get one washed of desires and ill wills and then on the next plane you will have a higher exalted life. The cycle will continue thus. It is not by discussions and books you will learn this. It is by experience you imbibe these great thoughts. The Lord of all Lords is Nature itself and the Nature teaches every soul in its own way and not by books or University examinations.



Every moment is an act of love and those who have participated in this flow have their own programs of love. So Come! Join Us! And experience the sweet fragrance of Anam Prem first hand yourself! Let us Change the World together one heart at a time!  

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