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Scientific Approach


1. MOBILE CLEANING : - Mobile has become integral part of human life.It has become like a external limb of the human body.Now a days, human is dependent upon the mobile so much that he cannot live without mobile.From the published materials of medical experts, it appears that mobile is the worst carrier of the potential terrorist in the form of bacterias.We normally don’t clean the mobile as it cannot be cleaned by water like any other appliances.

Anam Prem has undertaken a mission to sanitize these mobiles and disinfect those mobiles from the fungus, bacteria and such other silent enemies which are invading the man very secretly and invisibly. Anam Prem has decided to clean these mobile phones irrespective of the fact that the mobile user may be of a different country, race or religion. This is done by Anam Prem as a service to Mankind. Anam Prem has done this in Mumbai, Pune, New Delhi, etc in various hospitals and schools and public meetings. Anam Prem sees this as an opportunity to serve the Lord of All Lords and as a discharge of duty towards our Motherland India.Article 51 A of the Constitution of India i.e. the Fundamental Duties is our mandate. Article 51 A (f) states –

It shall be the duty of every citizen of India

f) To value and preserve the rich heritage of our composite culture.

The sanitizer is not for sale. It is for service.


HERBALCAR CLEANER is developed more as a symbolic measure to arrest the wastage of water and make citizen aware of the gravity of problem..

HERBAL CAR CLEANER  needs only about 3 Lits of water to totally clean car with a beautiful long lasting  Gloss ,(without daily wash).The whole cleaning  takes in a short time ,as it contains soft colorless water based lubricants for dispersion of chemicals stripping  micro dirt, of car imparting it ,a beautiful look of show case vehicle

PROCEDURE-CAR CLEANING; For first time cleaning car, take 2 lids quantity of car cleaner from  bottle, put it in small bucket, containing about 3 to 4 lits of water, insert a good cloth in it and slightly squeeze and clean the car. Next time only one lid is sufficient For bikes one lidful is sufficient HERBALCAR CLEANER  does not use soap or usual detergents where water consumption is high, which even  settles in crevices of hinges and other joined parts of car, dries and develops rust and spoils the car eventually.

HERBALCAR CLEANER   therefore is free from all hazards and is appreciated by even Mayors of Mumbai, Ujjain.& Chief Minister,Chattisgarh.It has received certificate, issued from ITALAB (PVT) LTD-an ISO 9002  firm of Mumbai (Certificate No.PCD:002642TDT:11.12.2015)

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