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Museum Day

a day with our culture and history keeper

We rarely go to the museum. In Mumbai there are Twenty Seven museums and we will make a point on this Museum Day to go to at least one museum. This day is celebrated by the UN as International Museum Day. We are not to go there for the ancient artifacts or pieces but to meet those men and women who are keeping these ancient pieces alive and sprinkle love on them. We have to thank them and talk to them with affinity and make them joyful. We can read history in books but we can actually see it by visiting the museums.

We do this program in three levels :  Local, National and International.

At Local level we personally visit the museum. At National level if we do not have any volunteers to represent us in any place in India, we send cards by post. We give the museum officials a card with a flower attached to it we give some sweet. For international museums, the cards and flowers are sent.

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